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Every student in almost all levels today needs a desktop or a laptop as part of their studying habits. A desktop or a laptop is a great tool for most students. This is because of its function and use in researching, thesis or report writing or even learning sessions and discussion schedule. Mostly, these sessions require a best laptop for online college.

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Moreover, as the technological innovation is growing these days, educational programs and learning courses also evolve. These programs and courses are available online mostly for college students. Because of this, the needs for laptop or desktop of every student are notably high.

But, what is applicable to use, a laptop or a desktop? What are the best options available? What are its features that make it the best one to choose from? All of these questions can be answered and discussed here.

Requirements for Online Courses

During this time, many students are enrolling to online courses or the so-called “e-learning” courses. These are very common for college students. Generally, Online Courses or e-learning programs are type of learning education that involves getting a course though the help of a computer at the comfy of their home.

Moreover, the cost of studying an online course is truly expensive. To add up to this cost is the amount of the tools required for taking this course. Essentially, all students of online college should have the required tools to fully involve themselves into this type of learning program. These are the things that most online college students should have:

An Internet Connection

Since you are doing it online, the very first and important thing you must have is a reliable internet with a high-speed connection. This is needed to operate basic downloads of documents and images. As a start-up, you must have at least 2 mbps of internet connection.

Set of Headphones or Speaker and Microphone

In an online course, you need to hear everything that the teacher is discussing. Thus, your participation is also required just like in a basic classroom setting. That’s why you need to be heard as well, so a set of headphones with a built-in microphone is one of the must-have. Some students have a dedicated study room for this course, so they can choose to have a speaker and a microphone instead.

Take note that the headphones should have a noise-cancelling feature. However, there are some desktop computers and even laptops that have built-in speakers and microphone. Thus, most of the time, these built-in paraphernalia doesn’t give a good quality.

A Webcam

Most of the time in an online course, a webcam is also a necessary tool especially for video conferencing. These video conferencing include meeting or consultation with a teacher and group project updates. Although, lots of desktop computer or laptops already have a webcam in it, and this may help as long as the quality is okay.

A CD-ROM Drive

A CD-ROM Drive is a tool that supports a desktop computer to be compatible with older software applications that are not yet updated. Part of some online course is the installation of some lectures, assignments or worksheets that do not have a downloadable format. But, most of the latest versions of laptops don’t have this drive.

Fortunately, this drive has two types that most students can use. You can choose and install an internal CD-ROM drive directly to your desktop or laptop. Or, you have the option to link an external drive by using a USB Port.

A Flash Drive 

This drive is a handy memory tool that can save documents and images. However, the use of a flash drive is not ideal with large image files or videos. Moreover, with this portable tool, you do not need to worry for your school projects and assignments if the desktop or laptop file has corrupted. The flash drive can support online college students to store a backup file.

Furthermore, there are two ways that you can do to have a backup file for all your documents. It is either through an online storage device like your email, DropBox app, Google Docs, or OneDrive, or via offline file storing through the use of a flash drive.

A Latest Version of an Operating System

To be able to have a great online course experience, what you’ll need is to have the right and updated software. For a Microsoft Windows, it needs to be in a higher version of 7 and up. The latest version of this software is the Microsoft Windows 10. But this version encounters some issues about compatibility and automatic updating, that’s why most of the users preferred Windows 7 or Windows 8 versions.

An Up-to-date Web Browser 

Online college courses do not require any particular web browser to use. What’s important is that it is the updated version of the one you are using. This way, you can get out of the struggles in facing the bugs of your older web browser version. Also, the latest versions have an updated security measures.

The Basic Software 

There are some programs that are very much applicable to your needs as an online college student. Also, this software can suit all your student basic needs. Some of the basic programs that an online college student must have are the following:

  • Microsoft Office Suite

For this kind of software, you also need for the latest version of it. Just like in an Operating System, Office software also faces with compatibility issues with the latest version over the outdated one. If you are still using an outdated version, you might change the format or worst, not open the document which is sent using the latest version.

Microsoft Office programs that are commonly used by most online college students include, but not limited, to the following:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • Adobe Reader

Again, this should be in an updated version to avoid issues with compatibility. Most of the documents that you will receive from your online teacher, classmates or project team members are generally in PDF format. And you are generally required having this program to download, open, and even read a PDF file.

  • Adobe Flash plug-in

Compare to Adobe Reader, this software lets you to watch videos from YouTube and other video streaming sites. An online college course may require college students to watch videos that may be beneficial to your course. But then again, this should be on the latest version.

An Access to a Printer

Even though you are studying a course online, it doesn’t mean that you do not need to print a file or two. It might help you a lot if you print your assignments for proofreading and some revisions if needed. Printing a copy of the document and reading it will help you to relax your eyes from staring at your computer screen during the e-learning course.

A Good Working Computer

Not because I put it the last in the list is it is not that important as the other tools. In fact, this tool is the most important and the primary necessity when studying an online college course. The choice of computer that you have to work into solely depends on your need and it is really a personal choice. It is also depends on you if you want to use a desktop or a laptop.

Laptop vs. Desktop

Now that you are studying on an online college program but haven’t decided what you will be using to take up and finish the course? Here are some features and differences between a laptop and a desktop that might help you to decide what’s the best for online college programs.


  • More power and more features to offer
  • The upgrading process is easier and not costly
  • It is packed with a keyboard that lets the students to comfortably do the typing, and also have a mouse that is easy to use and move.
  • Generally comes with larger monitors that allows for a clearer view


  • Very portable that allows a student to bring it and use it anywhere
  • Not space consuming
  • Only have a single cord to attach with

Features to look for when buying a laptop

As an online college student, you need to check meticulously for the features offering by the best laptop for online college that you are buying. Here are some of the features that you should look for in considering the best laptop for online college.

Laptop Cost

In choosing the best laptop for online college, the cost is very much important to take into account. Since you are still studying, you don’t need to buy too much expensive laptop. You don’t need to worry it doesn’t mean that if it is not as expensive as the high-end ones, it cannot function well. There are some laptops with an updated Operating System that can also function well, although not as much as the expensive laptop does. However, some budget-friendly and latest laptop version already has touch screens and updated apps.

Battery Life

Compare to a desktop, laptop is a battery-operated device. Most laptop buyers look for a laptop that has a long battery life with continuous use.


One of the great features to look for is its portability. Laptop with a lighter weight is one of the buying factors for most buyers nowadays. Laptop’s portability is also what an online college student might consider.

Laptop Design

The design of the laptop is also an important feature in buying the best laptop for online college. The design specifications that may include are its weight and the size of the screen. Usually, a laptop has a screen size ranging from 7 to 20 inches. When the screen is smaller, it is much lighter, thus, it is portable as well.

Other design to consider includes its thickness, material it is made of, whether metal or plastic, and also the color of its back lid.


Sometimes, you don’t mean to drop the laptop accidentally. Or, you just left it unintended in an extreme temperature. This is the reason why durability feature is also important.

Knowing these things, we learn the requirements needed for enrolling in an online college program. We also come to know certain features that we need to consider when buying the best laptop. So, after this we need to decide what we are going to purchase. To help you decide clearer, here are the 2 top picks for the best laptop for online college.

2 Best Laptop for Online College

ASUS VivoBook F510UA

This laptop is the one of the best laptop for programming student. It is budget-friendly that is very much suitable for students who are on a tight budget. Although, being a budget-wise laptop, this best laptop for programming student, its cost doesn’t outweigh its performance.

ASUS VivoBook amazing feature is being powered with the most updated Intel i5 quad-core processor. It also has an 8GB RAM that supports the user’s multitasking computer activity. The screen display is around 15.6-inch that has a perfect combination of a bright and dark light background display conditions.

However, one of the negative feedback about this laptop is its keyboard. The keyboard is not backlit, although it gives you a comfortable typing experience. That’s why it is chosen as one of the best laptop for programming student.

Acer Aspire E 15

Acer Aspire E 15 is considered as one of the best laptop for programming student. It is also very affordable whether for the purpose of programming or gaming. One perk that makes this laptop to be the best laptop for programming student is that this can be used mostly for game development and programming of graphic designs.

Same with the first one, Acer Aspire E 15 is powered by the most updated version of the Intel i5 quad-core. Another thing that keeps it to be the best laptop for programming student is that it is high in performing segments for programming and development of gaming programs. Comparable to ASUS, this laptop has a good performing keyboard with backlit keys. Its battery backup can stand and perform for as long as 12 hours continuously.

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Looking for Laptop for Online College? Check Here for the Best Options!

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