3 Best Laptops for Video Editing Under 700 – Budget-Friendly Deals!

Unlike other computer tasks, video editing requires more memory power and performance. However, not all editors have the budget to invest in top-dollar units. As a video editor, it’s a must to have a machine that can keep up with the demands of the job. Be it for school, business, or personal purposes, the best laptop for video editing under 700 will give you the best bang for the buck.

lenovo thumbnailLenovo Yoga 710
15-Inch Laptop
>i5 processor
>256 GB SSD
>IPS display
>1920 x 1080 res
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dell thumbnailDell Inspiron i5770-
5463SLV 17.3"
>i5 processor
>DVD-RW slot
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asus thumbnailASUS Vivobook S
14-Inch Laptop
>i7 processor
>256 GB SSD
>Slim and light
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Remember not to purchase the first laptop you’ll see in the market. Take time to peruse your options and to find the best unit that will meet your budget.

Personally, I’d love to splurge on the latest MacBook when it comes to video editing. However, it’s so pricey it will cost you an arm and a leg as a budding video editor.

Although pricey laptops are unbeatable when it comes to performance, you should never underestimate the power of budget laptops. Before we dive straight into the models, here are some points to make you an informed buyer.

Memory performance

Like what I said earlier, memory performance is king when it comes to video editing. Here, we will check three of the most important memory features of a laptop: hard drive, RAM, and VRAM. Although all laptops have these installed, we want to find the best fit for video editing.

💽Hard drive

When it comes to video editing, HDD might be the shorter end of the stick. Although you can find laptops with up to 1TB of HDD storage, speed is the common pitfall. This type of hard drive is best for typical staff tasks like using word processors, browsing the web, and light software usage. If you’re editing videos, you need a decent SSD storage for the best laptop under 700.

The benchmark here is at least 500 GB of SSD storage for video editing tasks. Although the storage capacity is way smaller than HDDs, an external hard drive and cloud storage will always come handy.

💽Random Access Memory (RAM)

The RAM of your laptop stores temporary files to speed up retrieval and permanent storage of files. This will also dictate the speed of usage. So aside from having a reliable hard drive, you need a large RAM. For video editing, the bare minimum should be 8 GB, but going up to 16 GB would be unbeatable.

An SSD storage paired with a large RAM should yield fast results. This applies to any video editing tasks.

💽Video Random Access Memory (VRAM)

The VRAM is found on the GPU or Graphics Processing Unit of your laptop. Although the graphics card of your laptop won’t affect how smooth the editing software will run, a poor GPU will definitely compromise how you’ll view the output.

The rule of thumb is a VRAM of 4-8 GB. Still, it will depend on the quality of the graphics card the laptop has. Some substandard graphics card with 8 GB of storage is way worse than a top-dollar model with a 4 GB capacity.

The VRAM supports the pixel quality of your video. The higher the memory is, the better for editing. Usually, video editors prefer NVIDIA or AMD graphics for their GPU for the best laptop for video editing under 700.


After scrutinizing the memory performance of the laptop, it’s important that you take a close look at the processors as well. The processor or CPU of the laptop will process everything you’re doing on the machine. With a $700 budget, an Intel Core i5 processor should be just right for most video editing tasks.

If you can’t find an i5 processor at this price range, anything with a quad-core processor will be a reasonable alternative. The good thing here is you can cut back on some hardware if you don’t need it. If you’re going to use the laptop mostly for video processing, memory performance and processor would be the defining features.

Why size and speed matters

Video editing is a taxing process for your laptop. If you have a slow hard drive, multitasking would be a pain. Your editing software may run poorly and all the things you’re doing will be stymied. This spells trouble if you have a deadline for your business or at school. You need the best laptop under 700.

Fusion drives and HDDs are prone to failure. But as much as SSDs are the champs here, it can sometimes come short in size. A 256 GB SSD should suffice, but if you have a heavy workload, a 500 GB might be needed. But before you shy away from the 256 GB SSD, let me tell you that quality is always the determiner here.

With a budget of $700, it might be challenging to find a laptop that has all the features I’ve discussed here. If you can’t shell out an amount more than that, just seek to find the best bargain. In the end, you really can’t have it all.


The reason why you want to edit videos through a laptop is the fact that it can be transported anywhere. Portability is also a big thing, especially for business owners offering video services for various events.

A large screen is a must for those who want better visibility while editing. However, you should be mindful of the weight.

Although the weight of a laptop won’t always matter vis-à-vis the functionality, it’s a plus if you have a lightweight yet functional model. As the best laptop for video editing under 700, I’m confident that we can find some that are reasonably light and easy to carry.

Price range

Sure thing, you can find the best editing laptop if you’re willing to shell out premium money. But if you’re a bit cash-strapped, here’s what you should expect from your purchase based on its cost:

💽Low-priced video editing laptops

If you’re editing videos for fun, a low-priced would be functional. These models are a good place to start for hobbyists and aspiring videomakers. Low-priced laptops are anything below $500. It should work properly given that you’re not depending on it too much.

At this price range, you can find up to 4 GB of RAM and a reasonable i3 processor. Most laptops at this price tag would sport HDDs and an integrated graphics card. It’s not very grand but way better than those in the bargain aisle.

💽Mid-priced video editing laptops

This is where our $700 budget falls. Mid-priced laptops usually have a better camera and more performance. You can find i5 laptops at this price together with 1 TB HDD of storage. There are SSD versions of this but it will be quite difficult to find.

Still, rendering, digitizing, editing, and outputting your video files will be faster than doing it in a low-priced model. Even if you have HDD storage, the RAM and VRAM will compensate for the speed.

💽High-priced laptops

These units usually cost around $1,000-$2,000. As much as it’s pricey, the cost is compensated with the best features. This is commonly used on video editing businesses where clients are expecting to have DVD copies delivered fast.

We’re talking about powerful SSDs here as well as a minimum of 16 GB of RAM and a dedicated discrete GPU. Also, the processor of these models would be at least an Intel Core i7. For those who are willing to spend more, they can find Intel Core i9 versions. One example is the MacBook Pro 15.

Top 3 best laptop under 700 – Best Deals!

Lenovo Yoga 710 15-Inch Laptop

best laptop for video editing under 700

The Lenovo Yoga 710-15 runs in an i5 processor with 8 GB of RAM and a reliable 256 GB SSD. This is more than sufficient for students and small business editing videos regularly. As for the GPU, this has an integrated Intel HD Graphics 620 that although not one of the best, it’s still functional in its own right.

What’s more interesting in this Lenovo Yoga laptop is its touchscreen feature and a 360-degree flipping screen. Sporting 15.6 inches of display, this is already the best laptop for video editing under 700.

Although it doesn’t have a premium GPU, this Yoga model has an IPS display and a 1920 x 1080p resolution.

Overall, the Lenovo Yoga laptop has a minimalist and aesthetic build. It’s considerably thin with an island-style keyboard and touchpad. The keys are clicky and responsive enough to endure most tasks.

The only gripe I have here is the minimal ports. When it comes to transferring data, you’ll have to settle for two USB 3.0 ports and a micro HDMI slot.

If you can spend more money, the Lenovo Yoga laptop also comes in an i7 version which will be around $1,000. Nevertheless, the i5 version is still worth the money.


✔️Speedy SSD and RAM

✔️Sleek and aesthetic design

✔️Great display quality and size

✔️Solid performance

✔️Excellent keyboard response and quality


❌A bit metallic sound system

❌Limited ports

Dell Inspiron i5770-5463SLV 17.3-Inch Laptop

best laptop for video editing under 700

If you’re looking for a big display, the Dell Inspiron i5770 17-inch laptop would be an excellent choice. This best laptop under 700 runs in an 8th generation i5 processor with 8 GB of RAM. Take note that this has 1 TB of HDD storage instead of SSD. Still, it won’t be a big issue for typical video editing tasks.

Considering the large display, this laptop is normally heavier than others. Still, this is solid in performance even for video editing and other complicated processes.

Starting at around $550, this Dell laptop is housed in a plastic chassis and a steel-brushed exterior as an effort to compensate for the cheap material. With its large display, I can give the clunky hinge a pass when it comes to the thumbs-down department.

I guess the biggest consolation here is the number of ports. It has two USBs 3.0, Ethernet, HDMI, power jack, audio jack, and a DVD-RW slot. Aside from that, there’s a lone USB 2.0 and an SD card reader.

For such a large display, the 1920 x 1080 resolution is nothing extraordinary. Actually, this Dell Inspiron is a bit short in popping colors and it tends to have a dull contrast. Still, it’s the best laptop for video editing under 700.

Anyway, the keyboard offsets some of the ugly parts. It’s not very clicky but it’s very well-spaced and easy to use. As for the touchpad, the precision and response are satisfying for such a price tag.


✔️Good performance

✔️Attractive design and comfy keyboard

✔️Large display

✔️Very affordable


❌The display is a bit dull

ASUS Vivobook S 14-Inch Laptop

best laptop for video editing under 700

ASUS has been releasing the Vivobook series for some time now and I must say that it’s filled with great features. One of the best picks for video editing is the ASUS Vivobook S that runs in an 8th generation Core i7 processor with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD.

However, this isn’t exactly worth $700. If you’re willing to shell out a little more, about $80, you can take home this amazing laptop. The extra bucks are definitely worth the sacrifice here. You’ll get a built-in fingerprint reader, an aluminum body, and a Harmon Kardon audio system.

This is one of the lightest laptops you can find but with a very solid performance and build. This ASUS laptop has the nano-edge technology that allows them to incorporate a large display in a smaller chassis. It also gives a sleek and slim look on the laptop.

As for the number of ports, I’m confident that you’ll get what you need. It has one USB 3.1, 2 USB 2.0, HDMI, Type C USB 3.1, headphone combo jack, and SD card reader. If you want a slim laptop that has everything you need, this ASUS Vivobook is unbeatable.


✔️Sleek and solid build

✔️Great performance

✔️Sharp and crisp display

✔️Lightweight and easy to carry


❌The battery life is a bit shorter than usual

❌Costs more than $700 but totally worth it.

Have you found the best laptop for video editing under 700? I hope that these tips and options will help you find the right laptop for your video making projects.

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3 Best Laptops for Video Editing Under 700 – Budget-Friendly Deals!

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