The Best and Worst: 10 Laptop Brands Compared and Reviewed!

Planning to purchase a new laptop? The year 2018 has been a prolific time for tech brands. New devices are launched, including trailblazing laptops with the latest technologies. But as laptop brands give each other a run for their money, some had fallen short at the end of the year. So before you buy, this is one of the questions to ask when buying a computer: which are the best and worst laptop brands?


To be fair, all of the brands have their own great releases this year. But not all units are diamonds. Some users report having a fried motherboard, melting parts, faulty connectivity, and other issues.

From the expensive MacBooks to the budget-friendly Chromebooks, we’ve rounded various community forums to ask which of the laptop brands will get the cheers and jeers. This is in terms of performance, longevity, design, support, and overall quality. Together with our own analysis, this is what we found out starting from the best to the worst:


The leading brand at the end of the year is Lenovo. Besides, their ThinkPad unit all proves that power can come in mid-size packages. As one of the largest tech and computer producers from China, I think Lenovo has the advantage when it comes to technological innovations. Still, it doesn’t give other brands a good excuse, especially Apple that sells pricey laptops.

Anyway, there’s no doubt that Lenovo has an added edge. Back in the early ’00s, they acquired IBM’s Personal Computer Division.  If you’re not familiar, this department started the PC industry back in the ‘80s.

True enough, we can see such advancement on their tech products. From their battery powerhouse ThinkPad to the slimmest Yoga series. Design-wise, Lenovo is making other major brands look cheap.

Another great thing about the Lenovo brand is their wide selection of laptops. Currently, they offer the V series, IdeaPad series, ThinkPad series, and Yoga series. If you’re asking questions to ask when buying a laptop computer, you’ll never go wrong with what Lenovo has to offer.

Lenovo best laptop pick: ThinkPad X1 Carbon, Yoga C930, Lenovo Legion Y530

Hewlett & Packard (HP)

Running close to Lenovo in the brand race is Hewlett and Packard. This year, HP took us by storm with their stunning laptops and ultrabooks. The brand has improved its design dramatically, far from its usual clunky hinges back in the day. It actually ties with Lenovo when it comes to the selection of products.

HP is one of the most recognizable names in the laptop industry. Although they aren’t a common option for professionals, the brand has ruled schools, small businesses, and home users. Given its more appealing and sleek design, it would surely gather a cult of consumers.

The only gripe most users have about HP is that some of its units have lackluster displays. But as a budget-friendly brand, it’s no longer surprising why TN panels are used on their units. Still, there are high-end ones that will blow your mind. Just ask the right questions to ask when buying a computer and you’ll be okay.

Support-wise, HP drops a few points lower than Lenovo. Still, this is compensated as they have one of the best keyboards. If you type long transcripts or reports, HP will suit you well.

HP best laptop picks: HP Spectre x360, HP Envy 13


HP is always being compared to Dell, and all for great reasons. Dell has premium models as well as budget products that transcend the office, school, and home use. Their ultrabooks are mind-blowing and you’ll surely love their Alienware series designed for optimal gaming.

Dell is no-nonsense when it comes to value. Their tech support has improved drastically. Each of their customers who need technical help will be assigned with a personal support assistant. Innovation-wise, Dell has gone a long way, something that’s comparable to HP’s evolution.

questions to ask when buying a computer

Aside from their after-sales prowess, Dell is also a great choice because of their wide price ranges. Even their budget offers are unbelievably top-performing. Meanwhile, their high-end offers are often called ‘MacBook killers’. Ask some questions to ask when buying a laptop computer and you’ll find a killer Dell unit.

Dell invests in the quality of construction. Some of its units have fiberglass and carbon fiber frames for a long-lasting design. The only not-so-good thing with some of Dell’s laptops is the webcam. It still looks up to your nose which is a big no-no for professionals and business people.

Dell best laptop picks: Dell XPS 13, Alienware R5, Dell Precision 7730


ASUS isn’t just famous for its highly functional Zen phones, they also bring the same quality to their laptops. This brand is a leader in gaming as much as they have budget offers and indestructible units. If you’re looking for a powerful gaming machine, never miss what ASUS has to offer. Yes, I’m talking about the ROG Zephyrus. It’s thin, but boy, it’s one incredible machine.

Value-wise, ASUS gets 10 out of 10 stars. Be it their $300 budget laptops or the expensive $2300 units, you’ll get an exquisite design and reasonable performance. Their build is solid and they don’t make so much fuss about the overall look.

ASUS Vivobooks and ZenBooks are the images of sophisticated ultrabooks. True enough, they are breaking visual boundaries with their NanoEdge display. What the brand offers is power in very sleek and slim packages. With the right questions to ask when buying a computer, you’ll get the best ASUS unit.

For those looking for a portable and lightweight laptop, ASUS is a good option. It even gives Apple a run for its money when it comes to product weight. In fact, ASUS’ Vivobook series is already as light as the latest MacBook Pro 15.

ASUS best laptop picks: ROG Zephyrus, ZenBook 13, VivoBook E403NA


If you’re looking for bargain finds, the Acer brand is one of the best options. You can get a $500 unit complete with almost all specs you’ll need for school and home use. But if you have the money, you can avail one of their dynamic, sleek, and powerful units like the Aspire Swift 7.

Acer is very recognizable – just go to a café and you’ll easily see one. Value-wise, Acer is a winner due to its straightforward design, memory performance, and solid construction. Although it’s not as grandiose as what Lenovo offers, you can’t beat them for most general purposes.

When it comes to support, Acer is still an active competitor, but not as close as to what Dell provides. Still, be it for gaming, school, business, or home, Acer has suitable solutions for you.

What we love the most about Acer is it’s not afraid to be bold. Proof to this is their $9,000 Predator 21X gaming laptop that comes in a customized trolley case.

Acer best laptop picks: Aspire Swift 7, Predator Helios 500, Aspire E 15


Rejoice all Apple fans! The beloved brand lands at 6th place on our list. Performance-wise, you simply can’t call MacBooks goners. They are the Louis Vuitton of the laptop industry, both for its quality and exorbitant cost. You don’t need many questions to ask when buying a laptop computer to know this.

MacBooks are widely known for its top-performing SSDs and eye-candy Retina displays. With the latest MacBook Pro 15, you’ll be treated to a solid Intel Core i9 processor and a proprietary Touch Bar.

However, if we are to compare Apple’s standing in the past years, its fruits are starting to fall from the tree. There are only limited changes to their laptops. In fact, it’s still clad on the same aluminum space gray skin with the exception of new MacBook Air colors.

Still, Apple is a winner in warranty and security. Apple still gives the best tech support any laptop brand can provide. Design-wise, it’s a darling for those who want a thin, lightweight, and durable build. But remember, all these pleasures come with a hefty price tag.

As one of the most recognizable and prominent brands in the laptop industry, Apple is definitely worth the shot.

Apple best laptop picks: MacBook Pro 15 2018 Edition, MacBook Air 2018 Edition


Many artists and designers are definitely familiar with Microsoft laptops. Thanks to its complementary accessories like the Surface Dial, Microsoft laptops are a big hit among digital geeks. Although Microsoft is far from what the abovementioned brands can offer, it’s starting to gain traction in the laptop world. Its Surface Book 2 and Surface Pro are proof that this brand has something to give to its consumers.

questions to ask when buying a computer

This brand banks on a sleek, mostly touchscreen design. Overall, their laptops have premium quality, but it only serves a few purposes efficiently. Their products are great for school, business, and home use. But you can only maximize its features if you’re into design and other related crafts. Even if you know some questions to ask when buying a computer, Microsoft isn’t the best choice all the time.

As much as Microsoft has a great start on its laptop line, it sucks that they share the same limited ports with that of Apple. Most of their laptops only use Thunderbolt USB-C. Anyway, a dongle would bridge the gap.

Microsoft best laptop picks: Surface Book 2, Surface Pro 6


MSI has branded itself as one of the leading gaming laptop tech companies. However, landing on our 7th spot doesn’t show a really good image for this brand.

Design-wise, MSI seems to be keeping up with its top competitors. It still does have the most compelling laptops for gaming, including a prime keyboard with the best response.

However, innovation-wise, MSI seems to fall the same way as Apple does. Sure, they do have dedicated graphics card and motherboards, but it’s not the best option for school and business purposes.

Most of MSI laptops are priced at around $1,000-$1,500. Although you can still find budget options from this brand, you really can’t rely on it in terms of performance. If you want a decent device for an affordable price, it’s much better to look for an Acer unit in the $500 range.

Still, you can never go wrong with MSI for gaming purposes. But aside from that, it’s not the best purchase as an all-around laptop.

MSI best laptop picks: MSI GS65 Stealth, MSI GT75 Titan


If you’re serious about gaming and you have the budget, always look at Razer first. Although it’s a few notches better than MSI in terms of gaming, it lost a few points along the way. It’s lagging in innovation, much worse than MSI’s current laptop line.

Razer laptops also tend to get too hot during extended periods of gaming. Given that some of its models are more expensive than MSI, it should have better cooling systems.

If you want an affordable gaming laptop, Razer isn’t the brand for you. It’s better to scout options from ASUS if you want a great machine without costing an arm and a leg.

To give Razer the benefit of the doubt, it has attempted to produce a gaming laptop that can also be used for everyday tasks on its Blade 15 unit. The laptop is thin and light plus it has topnotch performance. However, it gets really hot and the price tag is a total money grab.

Razer best laptop picks: Razer Blade Pro, Razer Blade


Surprised? Samsung is a famous brand not just in the computer world, but also in almost any household appliance you can think of. However, when it comes to their laptops, you may want to think twice. Never let yourself be tricked with Samsung’s popularity.

Samsung only has limited laptop options and it seems like the brand is giving more attention to its phone products. The designs are lackluster and pretty straightforward. Although you can still get excellent tech support, it doesn’t offset the mentioned issues.

Although you can find satisfying options from Samsung, it is still not good enough to challenge other brands. But if you want a Chromebook that suits your tight budget, Samsung has something to offer. Just don’t expect that it will keep up with day to day tasks.

If you know the right questions to ask when buying a computer, you’ll get the best laptop. As much as brands don’t dictate the quality of the laptop, it still makes a difference to know its track record. What do you think?

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The Best and Worst: 10 Laptop Brands Compared and Reviewed!

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